Latin Resources

Cover of book, The Mere Bones of LatinHere are some Latin resources I have found helpful.


Lewis, C.T., C . Short, A Latin Dictionary, Oxford UP, Oxford – New York 1879, reprinted 1995.

This is available online at the Perseus project, and through the University of Chicago.
There one can also find a parsing tool.
Diogenes contains the Lewis and Short Dictionary and may be downloaded. It includes a parsing tool. It also has a Greek component.

This version has a good lay-out of the Lewis and Short and allows several different forms of searches link.

Numerous Latin dictionaries are accessible on-line at Logeion.

The Lexicon totius Latinitatis of Forcellini is available online.
A digital version of the same is available here: Forcellini.

The Thesaurus Linguae Latinae is available from this web-site.

Smith, W., T.D. Hall, A Copius and Critical English-Latin Dictionary to which is added a Dictionary of Proper Names, Harper & Brothers, 1871.

This may be consulted online or downloaded from several sources, including the Hathi Digital Trust Library, and again here.

William Whitaker’s Words includes an English to Latin tool along with a Latin to English tool. It is available online from Notre Dame University and as a free application for download. and for later versions of Mac computers.

D. Morgan- P.M. Owens, Neo-Latin Lexicon, available here. Then click on either:
Adumbratio to arrive at: Adumbratio Lexici Anglico-Latini = An outline of an English-Latin lexicon. This begins with many place names.
Silva to arrive at: Silva: id est, collatio vocabulorum e variis locis (haud necessario probandorum vel adhibendorum) = A Forest: that is a collection of words from various places (hardly needing to be necessarily accepted or used).

Godmy’s “Searchable Digitized Latin & Greek Lexica” here.


Gildersleeve, B.L.,  G. Lodge, Gildersleeve’s Latin Grammar, Bolchazy-Carducci, Wauconda IL 2003, reprint of 31895.

This is available for online viewing and download.


“Open Latin Resources: Many open Latin resources already exist – they are the foundation of the modern revival of Latin. Here are some highlights”, available here.

Döderlein, Ludwig von, Döderlein’s Hand-book of Latin Synonymes, tr. H.H. Arnold, intro. S.H. Taylor, W.F. Draper, Andover MA 1858.

This may be accessed online and downloaded from various sites listed here. From the Library of Congress, from Harvard.
Reprints are available commercially.

Küehner, R. – C. Stegmann, Ausführliche Grammatik der Lateinischen Sprache, 2 vol., Hahnsche Buchhandlung, Hannover, 1912-14. Vol. 1, R. Kuehner, Elementar-, Formenund Wortlehre, 2d ed. rev. F. Holzweissig, 1912; vol. 2, R. Küehner – C. Stegmann, Satzlehre, 2d ed. 1914. 5th ed. rev. by A. Thierfelder, 1976

Volume 1 is available for online consultation and download.
Volume 2 is also similarily available.

Luce, E., Helps to Latin Translation at Sight, Eton College – Spottiswoode & Co. 1908 PDF download here.

Bradley’s Arnold Latin Prose Composition in different forms listed here on

Latin texts

The Correspondence of M. Tullius Cicero, ed. R.Y. Tyrrell – L.C. Purser, Dublin – London 1904-1933, repr. Georg Olms 1969.

Cicero’s letters ad familiares are available for online viewing at the Perseus Project, with individual letters accessible here at the Perseus Project.

They are also available via The Latin Library, and from the University of Chicago.

Individual volumes may be accessed through the Internet Archive and viewed online or downloaded: volume 1volume 2, volume 3, volume 4, volume 5, index volume.

English translations are available at the Perseus Project.

Liturgia Horarum in Latin is available here.

Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani 2002 is available here and also here.

The Latin poems of Leo XIII, done into English verse by the Jesuits of Woodstock College. With a life of the pontiff by Charles Piccirillo.

Christian Latin texty of interest

A.S. Walpole, Early Latin Hymns with Introduction and Notes, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1922 available online here.

The Shortcut to Scholastic Latin, by Dylan Schrader. New York: Paideia Press, 2019. 68 pp., $14.99, book review here at Paideia.

A Medieval Bestiary available here.

Extended Latin keyboard by Joel Kalvesmaki here with links to other languages.

The Sarum Rite here.

Roman Missal 1965 here. with explanation here on Corpus Christi Watershed web-site.

Links to other Latin Resources

Tufts University Department of Classics has a useful page of resources.

The University of Chicago Department of Classics has a page of Latin resources.

Harvard University Department of Classics has numerous online resources.

Notre Dame University, Indiana, has a number of resources.

Latin medical terms.

A helpful video available here on disciphering the paeolography of a medieval text with exampes of how to use the following several links.

Enigma: Unpuzzling difficult Latin readings in medieval manuscripts allows someone reading a manuscript to figure out what obscure or missing letters could be. Type the legible letters into the search field and replace unlegible or missing letters with an asterisk, and the data-base will provide possible solutions.

Cappelli available here.

Cappelli scan available here.

Adriano Cappelli’s «Lexicon abbreviaturarum», Login required. Read more here.

Abbreviationes available here.

Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 250, available here.

The Latin reading blog.

Vox Latina journal: latinitas recens vivaque Saravipontana here.

Calculate dates in Roman form using this Roman Date Calculator.

Spoken Latin:

Reggie speaking Latin on video is provided by Matthew Dirks who visited and video-taped Reggie conversing in Latin for several days in May 2017. Here is the first of his series:

The entire seris can be found in full on this You-Tube channel available here.

Dr Patrick Owens and Thomas Keeline edit a podcast of spoken Latin available for listening or for subscription here: Philologia Perennis: De lingua Latina inde ab antiquitate usque ad hodiernum diem. The series is described in Latin thus: Sermonum in quibus de lingua Latina, de litteris Latinis, de rebus denique Latinis Latine disserimus. A Patricio Owens et Thoma Keeline edita.
Hebdomada Papae is a five minute news summary read in Latin and available from the Vatican web-site. The video of the opening of the podcast is available here. I have not yet found the correct link to subscribe to the podcast, but previous news bulletins are available here. The first news-cast with the printed Latin text is available here. I hope each news-cast comes with a printed Latin text.
A host of spoken Latin resources are catalogued here.
More Spoken Latin Resources are available here.
Scorpio Martianus here.
YouTube channel of Beatus Helvetius Salodurensis here.
Epitome historiae sacrae here.
Sermones Silvicolae here.
SAtura Lanx, Latin lessons for beginners here.
Nunc loquamur found here with audio files available here.
Rogue Classicism here.

Bookstores: Rome

Libreria MT Cicerone here.

Other sites will be linked here as I become aware of them.