Corporal works of mercy

The corporal works of mercy are given in the account of the final judgment in Matthew’s Gospel chapter 25. They are the only criteria for entrance into the heavenly realm given in the Gospels. They are illustrated in a stained glass window you can see by following the links below.

Corporal works of  mercy 

on the doors of the Duomo of Orvieto

A wonderful synthesis is given on the facade of the cathedral of Orvieto.

The overall facade shows in part the heavenly realm.
Orvieto Cathedral

In the traingle above the door is the assumption of mary, and her coronation is at the penacle.
Orvieto Cathedral

Facing the setting sun, several elements of the facade speaks of time beyond the day, figuratively beyond history: eternity.

The main doors offers a relief of the corporal works of mercy.
Door on Orvieto Cathedral

Here are the doors. Here is a link to another image of the doors.
Bronze doorway of Duomo in Orvieto

Here is a close up of the bottom two pannels.
Bronze door of Duomo in Orvieto

Burying the dead

Is this the one for welcoming the stranger?

Visiting the imprisoned.

Giving shelter to the homeless.

Caring for the sick.


The corporal works of mercy in stained glass

The overall window, link here.

Feeding the hungry, link here.

Clothing the naked, link here.

Giving drink to the thirsty, link here.

Visiting the sick, link here.

Welcoming the stranger, link here.

Visiting the imprisoned, link here.

Burrying the dead.