photo of Fr Daniel P McCarthy OSBI provide consultancy for parishes or religious communities planning to develop its celebration of liturgy or planning to renovate or construct a new church building.

Liturgy Week Architecture for Liturgy

I present the history, theology and ritual model of church ritual, art and architecture during the two-week programme, Liturgy Week Architecture for Liturgy.  I offered the first week 26-29 May 2015 and hope to repeat the first week and offer the second week during the Autumn of 2016.


I provide consultancy to parishes and religious communities planning to renovate or construct a new church building. Because of time limitations, I am not able to facilitate the parish process for an extended time. I am able, rather, to provide occasional consultancy to a select group wishing to further develop the way in which they celebrate liturgy and to develop its deeper expression in art and architecture.

I have served as liturgical consultant for the construction of the new church of Stanbrook Abbey. See the architects’ images here. The Book of Dedication produced by Stanbrook Abbey may be downloaded here. Stanbrook Abbey has won the Celebration of Excellence UK Church Architecture Awards mentioned here.

I helped the Congregation of Mater Ecclesiae, Street Ashton, Rugby, to re-arrange their chapel and plan the design of an ambo.

I have given consultation to Conception Abbey,  Missouri, on the ambo tradition.

Tours of Churches of Rome

Beginning in the Winter-Spring of 2016 I shall be able to provide guided tours with detailed explanations of churches of Rome. These are intended for communities considering developing the way they celebrate liturgy and its artistic and architectural context.

Liturgy Days

I provide upon request a Liturgy Day or several Liturgy Days tailored to the needs of the local community desiring to enhance its understanding and celebration of liturgy and its artistic and architectural environment. I gave one on the pole of the earth, its ritual, art and architecture, on 6 June 2015.