Personal reflections

Reflections of a more personal nature on my commitments and contributions are available on this page. I hope you enjoy them.

… If I can distinguish between your opinions and our shared world, then I can also come to know your own inner world, your values and ideas. … (D.P. McCarthy, “Let it Be”, Kansas Monks [April 2024] 2-3 link here).

My experience of Lent changed radically when I served as pastor in the tri-parishes of Doniphan County, Kansas … (D.P. McCarthy, “Life Giving Lent”, Kansas Monks [March 2024] 4-6 link here).

My reflections on the passing of Reginald Foster (image below) are available at KansasMonks at this link (image below).

Learning Latin by jumping into the mighty river flowing already 2,700 years is like an elephant underwater – full immersion learning the Latin language. Read the article at KansasMonks at this link (image below).

Why I write with Reggie” explains the leisure I have been given and put to good use.

Getting Hooked” describes how I came to write with Reginald Foster our series of books on teaching and learning the Latin language.

Listen to Daniel read the collect for mass and then give a homily on the calling of Samuel on Jan. 19 2018 at this link.

Listen to Daniel read the collect for mass and then give a homily on the calling of Samuel on Jan. 19 2018 at this link.

Reflection on the antiphon for the Magnificat on 21 December: “O Oriens”, in The Dawn from on High, St. Benedict’s Abbey, Atchison Kansas 2021, 62-65. Listen to the antiphon sung by monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey at this link.

On the placement of the tabernacle with the reserved Blessed Sacrament: “The Place of Christ: The Blessed Sacrament Chapel at St. Benedict’s Abbey”, Kansas Monks 14:2 (26 January 2021 for Fall 2020) 22-23, embedded below and available at this link.

Come into the Light” is a book on church architecture and art designed for the celebration of liturgy.

Here is the volume Come into the Light, which is available through the gift shop of St. Benedict’s Abbey.

Book cover: Come Into the Light

An article on the ambo of Westminster Cathedral, London (below).

An Enfolding Light, my praise of the new Stanbrook Abbey Church (below).

The Stanbrook Abbey Church Dedication booklet is available for free download at this link. My article “An Enfolding Light” begins on page 10 with images.

On candlelight reception of the body during the twilight vigil of a funeral: “Mourning in a Gentle Light”, Kansas Monks (Fall 2019) 12-13 (below).

Prayer and commentary on dying inspired by the account of the death of St. Benedict: “Day Seven: Supporting One Another”, Kansas Monks: A Novena  for a Happy Death, special edition (November 2019) 16-17 (below).

The above prayer and commentary is also available online at this link.