Liturgy Institute London

photo of Fr Daniel P McCarthy OSB at Liturgy InstituteAt the Liturgy Institute London
I offer the following courses:

Summer term: Block I
L701 Liturgical Research Seminar offered annually

– an intro to graduate research in liturgy
= KU Leuven course B-KUL-A07E1A

Summer term: Block II
L703 Western Liturgical Books offered in even numbered years

– history and development of books used in liturgy
= KU Leuven course B-KUL-A07I5A

L704 Liturgical Hermeneutics 1 offered in odd numbered years

– how to interpret a liturgical rite
= KU Leuven course B-KUL-A07I8A

Summer term: Block III
L711 Proficient Latin for Liturgists offered annually

– the Latin language for research
= KU Leuven course B-KUL-A07E3A

Liturgy Institute course offerings by year






Contributing Abbeys

Ealing Abbey, London

St Michael’s Abbey, Farnborough, Hampshire

St. Benedict’s Abbey, Atchison, Kansas

Abdij Keizersberg, Leuven, Belgium

Courses are held at

Liturgy Institute, 74 Castlebar Road, Ealing, London W5 2DD


I serve as co-editor of Documenta Rerum Ecclesiasticarum Instaurata (DREI) publications, published by St. Michael’s Abbey Press, Farnborough

and of the book series Liturgiam Aestimare : Appreciating the Liturgy.