“The whole worshipping assembly of the Church is richly ministerial”

“It is all too easy for Catholics to forget that they are active participants in the Mass and to look to the presiding priest as acting alone in leading the assembly’s worship. Here, a teacher of liturgy describes how Christ is present in the ministering of our liturgical assemblies”.

(J.G. LEACHMAN, “Make a gift of your ministry”, The Tablet [2 January 2010] 18)


“My home parish at Ealing Abbey has congregations very different in character from the one in Bardney, not only in their size but also in their cultural diversity. Catholics of many European nationalities, as well as Indians, Iraqis, Iranians, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysians and Filipinos from Asia, and others from North and South America, Caribbean countries and Nigerians and Zimbabweans all call this parish their spiritual home. The parish community takes great care to make sure that Catholics of all nationalities are made to feel welcome. Each celebration begins with every member of the faithful deciding for themselves to respond to God’s invitation and come to Mass, to bring their weekday activities to the assembly, to present themselves and their lives to God and to receive the gift of God’s self in return”.

(J.G. LEACHMAN, “Assembled as one”, The Tablet [5 September 2009] 17)