Latin Resources

Cover of book, The Mere Bones of LatinHere are some Latin resources I have found helpful.


Lewis, C.T., C . Short, A Latin Dictionary, Oxford UP, Oxford – New York 1879, reprinted 1995.

This is available online at the Perseus project, and through the University of Chicago.
There one can also find a parsing tool.
Diogenes contains the Lewis and Short Dictionary and may be downloaded. It includes a parsing tool. It also has a Greek component.

Smith, W., T.D. Hall, A Copius and Critical English-Latin Dictionary to which is added a Dictionary of Proper Names, Harper & Brothers, 1871.

This may be consulted online or downloaded from several sources, including the Hathi Digital Trust Library, and again here.


Gildersleeve, B.L.,  G. Lodge, Gildersleeve’s Latin Grammar, Bolchazy-Carducci, Wauconda IL 2003, reprint of 31895.

This is available for online viewing and download.


Döderlein, Ludwig von, Döderlein’s Hand-book of Latin Synonymes, tr. H.H. Arnold, intro. S.H. Taylor, W.F. Draper, Andover MA 1858.

This may be accessed online and downloaded from various sites listed here. From the Library of Congress, from Harvard.
Reprints are available commercially.

Küehner, R., C. Stegmann, Ausführliche Grammatik der Lateinischen Sprache, 2 vol., Hahnsche Buchhandlung, Hannover, 1912-14. Vol. 1, R. Kuehner, Elementar-, Formenund Wortlehre, 2d ed. rev. F. Holzweissig, 1912; vol. 2, R. Küehner – C. Stegmann, Satzlehre, 2d ed. 1914. 5th ed. rev. by A. Thierfelder, 1976

Volume 1 is available for online consultation and download.
Volume 2 is also similarily available.

Latin texts

The Correspondence of M. Tullius Cicero, ed. R.Y. Tyrrell – L.C. Purser, Dublin – London 1904-1933, repr. Georg Olms 1969.

Cicero’s letters ad familiares are available for online viewing at the Perseus Project, with individual letters accessible here at the Perseus Project.

They are also available via The Latin Library, and from the University of Chicago.

Individual volumes may be accessed through the Internet Archive and viewed online or downloaded: volume 1volume 2, volume 3, volume 4, volume 5, index volume.

English translations are available at the Perseus Project.

Links to other Latin Resources

Tufts University Department of Classics has a useful page of resources.

The University of Chicago Department of Classics has a page of Latin resources.

Harvard University Department of Classics has numerous online resources.

Notre Dame University, Indiana, has a number of resources.

Other sites will be linked here as I become aware of them.