Pontifical Institute of Liturgy

The best aerial video of Sant’Anselmo is available on facebook at this link.

The following video begins with some lovely aerial images of Sant’Anselmo and then continues with the institution of two monks as lectors.

The following video begins with good aerial images and then shows the new residents during their process of introduction to the house.

Sant'Anselmo - Pontifical Institute of LiturgyPontifical Institute of Liturgy

The Pontifical Institute of Liturgy was founded by Pope John XXIII in 1962 to provide a teaching institute for liturgy directly under pontifical auspices. It is housed at the Benedictine house of studies, Sant’Anselmo

Piazza Cavalieri di Malta, 5
00153 Roma, Italia

More information on the house of studies, called an athenaeum, is available here.

More information on Sant’Anselmo as the Benedictine residence in Rome is available here.

Contact information is available for the Athenaeum and for the Benedictine residence.


Sant’Anselmo is located on the crest of the Aventine hill of Rome (see map below or link here).

Office Hours

Please do not phone the instructor. Rather email him at danielmccarthyosb AT mac DOT com.

He is available outside of class time by appointment.