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In the autumn of 2019 I began moderating students writing their license dissertation or doctoral thesis. This page is intended to help with that process.

The first step is for a student to discern a topic of interest to the student, a topic that the student values and is willing to give time and energy to in researching, analysing and synthesising in a written text. As such, a student’s work is his or her own responsibility and initiative. I remain attentive to the students’ expressed needs and can help students avoid pitfalls, but the initiative rests with the student writing his or her own dissertation or thesis. The student is responsible for the content of the written work, while I as moderator can help guide him or her through the process of research, analysis and synthesising a final written work presented according to the norms of the PIL.

Please leave ample opportunity for the revision of your work, even numerous times before submitting it. Students are encouraged to manage their time well so that they meet the deadlines for submission of work.

Writing style

I have only begun to make a few notes about writing style, which can perhaps best be assertained from my own publications. I would make an initial comment.

When I use a Latin text in my writing, immediately following the Latin text I include a direct translation, usually my own.

I try my best not to use rounded parentheses ( … ) in prose writing because it is better to use my words to explain myself more fully than to leave my message to the interpretation of parentheses. In light of this, I prefer to use footnotes for references rather than integrating them into the text in rounded parentheses.

Doctorates completed with my moderation

FERNANDO, R., Deus, Auctor pacis et reconciliationis: A Eucharological and liturgico-theological analysis of peace and reconciliation in the Missale Romanum, PhD and STD doctoral dissertation KU Leuven Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, 2018. Read an article here.

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